The Amiga - PCE Connection

UPDATE: 10.13.08 - So, a few years ago (2005), I was curious about how the PCE / TG-16 and Amiga libraries overlapped. Back then, the good folks at HOL had made a noble start, but there were some errors/missing information. Things have improved:

HOL: List of PCE CD <> Amiga titles - Good list to get things started (39 titles), and an improvement from a few years ago (when only 1 title was listed).

HOL: List of PCE HuCard <> Amiga titles - Good list (57 titles).

HOL: List of PCE SuperGrafx <> Amiga titles - This might be a new category for HOL, since I do not recall it being available (1 title).

For the curious folks:

HOL: List of NEC PC-60/PC-88/PC-98 <> Amiga titles - A start, though I suspect there is more overlap between the two libraries (12 titles).

HOL: List of NEC PC-98 <> Amiga titles - Nice (90 titles).

NOTE: Please disregard any comments below (the old page content) that have since been corrected.

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Off the top of my head, I noticed the following things... hope this helps out... I'm sure there are more things I've missed, but I'll have to do some systematic research first. It gets confusing because some games were released in inconsistent formats (i.e. CD-only in Japan, but HuCard-only in US). I've tried to iron a few titles out...

Note 1: When a user filters by "NEC CD / SCD" as conversion hardware --> only one game is listed (Builder Land)... naturally, there are many more games (Baby Jo, Davis Cup Tennis, Shadow of the Beast, Kick Boxing (The), Jim Power, etc.).

Note 2: When a user filters by "NEC PC Engine" as conversion hardware --> some CD games are accidentally included in this category...

Note 3: Although filtering by the NEC console generates incomplete lists, sometimes a specific title's profile correctly notes that the title was converted to NEC. In these cases, the cross-indexing simply needs to be corrected.


Dyna Blaster (Amiga, 1991, Ubi Soft) is a conversion of the earlier PC-Engine Hucard, Bomberman (1990). HOL makes no mention of this conversion. TRIVIA: Dyna Blaster, along with "B.C. Kid" (aka PC Genjin / Bonk's Adventure) are in the rare category of PCE --> Amiga conversions. Off-hand, I can't think of any other games that originated on PCE and found their way to the Amiga, but the list is VERY small.


AMIGA --> NEC console Japan --> NEC console North America
( is the best database to consult if you need release info on any of the titles I listed below.)

Baby Jo: Coming Home (Amiga) --> "Baby Jo the Super Hero" (Japan, Super CD, MicroWorld, MWCD2004, 1992-08-28). HOL makes no mention of this conversion.

Lords of the Rising Sun --> released in Japan as simply "Rising Sun" (SCD) --> and in North America as "Lords of the Rising Sun" (SCD). HOL makes no mention of this conversion.

Lode Runner --> was released as a HuCard in Japan. HOL makes no mention of this.

Jim Power -- HOL lists this as a HuCard, but in fact it is a SCD game, Japan only (MicroWorld, MWCD2006, 1993-03-19).

Lemmings --> released as SCD in Japan (Sunsoft, SSCD2003, 1992-11-28). HOL makes no mention of this conversion.

Might And Magic III: Isles Of Terra --> was released as a SCD in both Japan and North America. HOL makes no mention of this conversion. (The original "Might & Magic" was also released in Japan, but I don't think it was available for Amiga).

Panza Kick Boxing --> was titled "Kick Boxing, The" in Japan and released as a SCD only, but oddly --> it was released in North America as a HuCard only under the title "Andre Panza Kickboxing". HOL makes note of the U.S. HuCard, but not the Japanese SCD.
QUESTION:What is the relationship between Panza and the nearly identical "The Best of the Best Championship Karate" (which was converted to NES, SNES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis under that title)?
TRIVIA: Fans of silly gimmicks will appreciate that the Genesis version of Panza was one of the few games compatible with the "Activator" -- a "hands-free" controller that allowed you to JUMP, KICK, and PUNCH instead of using a controller. That's what it claimed to do, anyway...

Shadow of the Beast --> Was released in Japan and North America as a SCD. Notable for its amazing Redbook audio soundtrack !!! HOL makes no mention of this conversion.

Sherlock Holmes, The Consulting Detective --> was released as a SCD in both Japan and North America. HOL makes no mention of this conversion. (The sequel, "Volume 2" was also released in JP and NA, but I don't think it appeared on the Amiga).

Tennis Cup (or perhaps Tennis Cup II?) --> released as "Davis Cup Tennis" in Japan (SCD only!) --> but in the U.S. "Davis Cup Tennis" was released as a HuCard only!. HOL makes no mention of these conversions.


A few Amiga <--> NEC titles that need to be verified:

1. Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest (SCD, North America & Japan)... I think this is simply a port of the original "Dungeon Master" (as indicated in this Game Review from DuoWorld #1, but I've never played the NEC console version, so I can't verify this.

2. It Came from the Desert (CD, North America only) -- this actually is not a straight conversion of the AMIGA game, but a bizarre FMV remake (as I commented on here... scroll down to the "Notes"). I'm not sure how HOL would handle this... I've never played the Amiga version to compare them.

3. TV Sports Baseball was going to be released as a HuCard in North America, and a "beta" version was even reviewed (here is the Review of TV Sports Baseball (HuCard) from TurboPlay #11. This title falls into the "unreleased" category -- I have verified that journalists who attended CES tradeshows played a working version of this game. Most likely, TTi went out of business before they had a chance to release this.