Hudson of Japan, Corporate Homepage - This is Hudson Soft's homepage. I would love to get a Star Soldier t-shirt. Oh, and I'd grab a Adventure Island t-shirt as well.

Hudson of Japan, Online Catalog: Main Search Page - This an improvement over previous incarnations of Hudson's online catalog, since it is much more flexible and allows you to tailor your search. Now you can search by year, platform, or keyword. Previously, the catalog consisted of simple lists organized by platform. In the image below, all of the search categories have been tranlated into English. Click anywhere on the image to go directly to the the actual (Japanese) search page:

Search Hudson Japan Back Catalogue

Here are some aspects of the catalog that you might find interesting:

Note: This is a beta page, offering raw info only. It's a place-holder until something nicer is created.

Can you find this info elsewhere, and in English? Sure, but it's nice to see these companies take the time to document and preserve their history (i.e. that is, their back-catalog).